BCIA funding supports research and development initiatives that are technically excellent and that will lead to increased commercial deployment of low-emissions brown coal technologies.

Australia has vast brown coal reserves encompassing around a quarter of the world's known reserves. However our nation lacks world-scale, private-sector companies that operate in coal exploitation generally, particularly for brown coal. As a result the private-sector capacity and capability for investment in brown coal R&D is restricted. Innovation of improved technology for brown coal usage involves substantial costs and time and continuing under-investment in R&D has significant implications for industry competitiveness and Australia's future economic prosperity.

To date, the vast majority of R&D activity in brown coal technologies has focused on power generation and, more recently efficient water removal technologies. Beyond emissions reduction, current and future international price indications for oil, gas and metallurgical coal provide new exploitation opportunities for the conversion of brown coal to liquids and other high-value commodities. In particular, Victoria's world-scale brown coal resource and acknowledged potential for geological storage of CO
2, mean that the State is well placed to generate significant returns on public investment to foster growth in innovation and low-emissions utilisation of brown coal. BCIA's innovation supports the following three key spectrums.

1. R&D in low-emissions, low-cost, coal technologies and novel, high-value products derived from brown coal.

2. Skills development and new training opportunities to secure scientific, engineering and trades expertise.

3. Linkages and networks to foster international collaboration in innovation and low-emissions technologies.

BCIA's FIVE YEAR REPORT - Positioning brown coal for a low-emissions future 2009-2015

Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA) has developed a report on the outcomes of the first five years of programs to create a brighter future for brown coal. This report covers the work undertaken by BCIA and our partner organisations and details how we have delivered on our mission to develop research, technologies and people to reduce the environmental impact - and deliver social and economic benefits - from sustainable use of brown coal.

Please click the link below to download the report.


BCIA’s R&D Project Funding Rounds have been included on the 2012 Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) and will be notionally listed for 5 years. BCIA has conducted three R&D funding rounds, three PhD scholarship funding rounds and one research fellowship funding round since the Company’s inception in 2009.

“BCIA’s inclusion on the ACGR is a very welcome development for our many university partners and is a further step forward in strategic management of our world-class R&D innovation portfolio.”
Dr Phil Gurney
BCIA Chief Executive Officer and Director

The ACGR is compiled annually by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Industry. For more information visit Australian Competitive Grants Register