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News and Events

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Recent Events

Latrobe Valley Community Forum held Tuesday 14 February 2017
Emerging technologies offer Victoria the potential to transform Latrobe Valley brown coal into a wide range of environmentally responsible applications. Attendees heard how BCIA is funding research to drive the future of brown coal, and the possibilities for environmentally responsible coal use beyond the lifespan of the current power stations.

Click below to read the media release or download the presentations from this event.

Img 352 KBMedia Release - 14 February, 2017
Img 352 KBCommunity Forum Presentations - 14 February, 2017

BCIA supports the Victorian Government’s Take2 Initiative
The Victorian Government has recently announced an aspirational target of “net zero” CO₂ emissions for Victoria in 2050. Through the Take2 initiative, it is calling on Victorian companies to drive innovation and technology to address climate change. Click here to read more...


BCIA Agricultural Applications Seminar held on Thursday 17 December 2015
The seminar formed part of the workshop series ‘Building the R&D plan to support a new brown coal industry’ and brought together industry, academic and regulatory experts to discuss potential products derived from Victorian brown coal for use in Australian agriculture that could eventually lead to new manufacturing industries in Victoria.

BCIA was proud to announce sponsorship of the 2015 International Conference on Coal Science & Technology (ICCS&T 2015) in Melbourne as a Conference Partner and as well as exhibiting at the event. ICCS&T 2015 attracted a diverse international audience with the focus on aspects of energy science and engineering, and particularly that of coal science and technology, bioenergy / biofuels, fuel cells, energy storage materials and related areas of interest. If you would like more information on the conference, please visit

BCIA Research Symposium held on Thursday 19 February 2015
The Research Symposium was held to showcase the high quality of research being undertaken to support a sustainable, low-emissions future for Victoria’s brown coal resource. Please click on the arrows below to access the presentations given at the Research Symposium.
BCIA Research Symposium Presentations
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Laser based O2 and CO monitoring – Mr Tom Cooper, HRL Technology P/L
Click for PDF
Victorian DICE development – derisking and small scale development – Dr Louis Wibberley, CSIRO Energy Technology
Click for PDF
Feasibility study for Direct Carbon Fuel Cell on Victorian brown coal – Dr Christopher Munnings, CSIRO
Click for PDF
Dispersion modelling for CO2 pipelines – Dr David McManus, BCIA
Click for PDF
Combined capture of CO2 from flue gas – coCAPco and coCAPco2 – Dr Erik Meuleman, CSIRO
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Evaluation of advanced PCC systems – Dr Erik Meuleman, CSIRO
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Carbon monoliths for capture of CO2 by electrical swing adsorption – Prof. Alan Chaffee, Monash University and Prof. Paul Webley, University of Melbourne
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Accelerating the deployment of oxy-fuel combustion technology – Dr Lian Zhang, Monash University
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Advancing the development of chemical looping combustion technology – Prof. Sankar Bhattacharya, Monash University

BCIA Brown Coal R&D Roundtable Forum held on Wednesday 15 October 2014
The forum included presentations from companies planning new coal upgrading demonstration and pilot demo projects, and from key research groups, and will lead to the identification of the common research and training needs to support the diversification of brown coal.

BCIA Showcase "Opportunities for higher degree students in low emissions coal technologies" held on Thursday 6 March 2014
The forum was held in two parts with the aim to link higher-degree research students with companies working in the brown coal area. It provided a chance for industry stakeholders to listen to what is happening in research, briefly present about their company, and network in an informal setting. ​A number of industry and research stakeholders provided short presentations.

Gasification Short Course held on Thursday 5 December 2013
A full-day short course on Gasification technologies run by the Energy and Environmental Research Centre in North Dakota. The course covered theory, commercial technologies, end products and cost analysis aspects and was limited to 30 attendees.

Coal to Products – Gasification, Pyrolysis and Beyond Seminar held on Friday 6 December 2013
The seminar was sponsored by the CarbonNet Project, through the Victorian Government, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation. There was no charge or limit for attendance.

2013 BCIA Funding Round Stakeholder Forum held on Tuesday 8 October 2013
The forum was held at CSIRO and provided an opportunity for project proponents to learn more about the funding requirements and seek clarification about the guidelines.

BCIA Latrobe Valley Community Forum held on Thursday 8 August 2013
The second community forum held by BCIA in the Latrobe Valley highlighting 'Investing in the future of brown coal – research and skills programs for a carbon constrained future'. BCIA's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Phil Gurney, provided an update on high-level outcomes from BCIA's current research projects. About 60 people attended the forum including representatives from Victorian Government, Latrobe City Council, Wellington Shire Council and Monash University Latrobe campus.

BCIA Coal Drying and Handling Seminar held on Monday 17 June 2013
A one-day seminar and expo on coal drying and handling that showcased the state-of-the-art in coal drying, from research through to commercial application. The aim of the seminar was to bring together interested parties, build knowledge in what is now possible for brown coal drying, and to encourage further discussion on the next steps required for expansion of environmentally responsible, low-emissions brown coal utilisation.

BCIA Research Symposium held on Friday 10 May 2013
The seminar was addressed with presentations from Dr Abdul Qader (CO2CRC), Dr Trina Dreher (Process Group), Dr Lian Zhang (Monash University) and Ass. Prof. Sankar Bhattacharya.

Carbon Capture and Storage in Latrobe Valley Seminar and Site Visit held on Friday 26 October 2012
As part of National CCS Week, the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) coordinated a seminar and site visit to the Latrobe Valley to inform the community about research and development in CCS technologies. BCIA sponsored the event.

BCIA Research Symposium held on Wednesday 18 July 2012
The seminar was addressed with presentations from David McManus, Research & Investment Manager BCIA; Barry Hooper, Chief Technologist CO2CRC; and Fedir Woskoboenko, General Manager HRL Technology.

Second International Symposium on Sustainable Use of Low Rank Coal Symposium held from 16–18 April 2012
The Symposium featured site visits on 19 April, and simultaneous translation in a number of languages was available and the program included presentations on global perspectives including policy, finance and investment, regulatory issues, community engagement, and other topics of interest to the low rank coal industry. One Program Stream focussed on clean coal technology projects and developments driving a low emissions future for the low rank coal industry.

BCIA Research Symposium – Energy Strategies & Brown Coal Utilisation in China held on Tuesday 8 November 2011
The seminar was addressed by Prof. Jianxiong Mao, Department of Thermal Engineering at Tsinghua University (Beijing China). Prof. Mao discussed 'Energy Strategies and Coal Utilisation in China'; and 'Brown Coal / Lignite Utilisation in China'.

BCIA Latrobe Valley Community Forum held on Thursday 5 August 2011
The forum explored how BCIA is co-investing with industry, research and education institutions in the development of people and low-emissions brown coal technologies. Participants had an opportunity to meet some of the researchers involved in our multi million dollar research program and hear the outcomes of our recent workshop on future skills challenges. There was also an opportunity to ask questions of the BCIA team.

BCIA Research Symposium held on Tuesday 17 May 2011
The Research Symposium was addressed by BCIA Research Fellows; Prof. Klaus Hein, Professor of Low Emissions Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, as well as Research and Development Manager at HRL Technology Pty Ltd; and Prof. Alan Chaffee, Professor of School of Chemistry at Monash University.

BCIA Research Symposium held on Thursday 14 April 2011
The Research Symposium was addressed by Dr Abdul Qader, Capture Facilities Manager, CO2CRC and Dr Erik Meuleman, Senior Project Manager Post-Combustion Capture Victoria and Team Leader Process Engineering for Brown Coal, CSIRO.