Issue 2 (2012)

Issue 2 (2012)

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JUNE 2012: ISSUE 2



CEO's Update

Low Emissions Developments


Global Funding Opportunities:
- FP7-Energy-2013


Dr Lian Zhang

Pilot-Scale Oxy-Fuel Combustion of Victorian Brown Coal


Alicia Reynolds

Understanding the Effects of Post-Combustion CO2 Capture on the Environment


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Low Emissions Developments
BCIA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Phil Gurney
Australia’s brown coal resources are vast – almost half of all Australia’s coal is brown coal - and yet, if we are to use these resources in an emissions-constrained world, we will need to develop and adapt technologies to enable cost effective CO2 reductions.
Victoria’s massive coal reserves, low mining cost and recent Government announcements have led to significant international interest in Australian brown coal developments.

This was demonstrated at the Second International Low Rank Coal Symposium, held in Melbourne in April, which attracted representatives from 23 low rank coal using countries.

BCIA is seeking to build and extend international cooperation in R&D for environmentally responsible coal use – the Japan Coal Energy Centre (JCOAL) is a member of BCIA, and a number of international organisations are taking part in our research program.

Research collaboration with the EU should soon receive a boost with a recent EU announcement regarding a funding mechanism designed to build cooperation with Australia on carbon capture technologies. My trip to the USA in June also confirms that there are significant

synergies between the research agendas that are being pursued there and here.

In this issue of
Perspectives on Brown Coal, we highlight two projects that BCIA is co-funding in the area of emissions reduction. CO2 separation from gas streams is a proven technology that has been applied in the natural gas processing industry for years.

However to apply this technology to the capture of CO2 from power station flue gas will require scale-up, cost reductions and also consideration of a safe working regime for capture solvents. Alicia Reynolds details some of the initial work being undertaken on her PhD program in this area.

Lian Zhang provides an update on an alternative low-emissions technology, oxy-combustion, that can produce an almost pure stream of CO2 without the need for solvents. This work is being funded by BCIA through our partnership with ANLEC R&D and the project includes partners from Australia, China and Japan.

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