About Us

About Us

Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA) is a not-for-profit company with a mandate to co-invest with stakeholders in brown coal innovation and emissions reduction technologies.

  • BCIA funds and facilitates multi-million dollar investments to drive innovation in the brown coal value-chain, from mine-mouth to the capture of CO2 and BCIA strategically manage it's investment portfolio.
  • BCIA's mission is to develop research, technologies and people to reduce the environmental impact – and deliver social and economic benefits – from sustainable use of brown coal.
  • BCIA provides a key entry point to progress shared research and development activity between industry, research and government stakeholders.
  • BCIA focuses strongly on skills-development and the expansion of training opportunities to secure the scientific, engineering and trades expertise needed for development of new low-emissions brown coal technologies.

BCIA was established in late 2009 with the Victorian Government as a founding member and since then has developed a number of partnerships and strategic alliances to further it's mission and benefit BCIA members. BCIA has become a focal point and an authoritative source of advice and information for the sustainable development and deployment of brown coal in Australia and overseas.

Australian National Low Emission's Coal Research and Development (ANLEC R&D)
BCIA serves as the brown coal node of ANLEC R&D’s activities. R&D investment opportunities are derived from BCIA's funding relationship with ANLEC R&D.
For more information click ANLEC R&D

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)
BCIA's partnership with CO2CRC enables BCIA members to access information developed and provided by CO2CRC.
For more information click CO2CRC

Victorian, national and international alliances
BCIA develops and reinforces existing linkages with national and international organisations in the brown coal and innovation sectors and key Commonwealth and State Government agencies.
For more information click EDTJR and EER

Global CCS Institute (GCCSI)
GCCSI partnership enables BCIA to keep up to date with world progress on Carbon Capture Storage development and contribute to the CCS R&D international network.
For more information click GCCSI

Japan Coal Energy Centre (JCOAL)
BCIA is the only international member of JCOAL, and the reciprocal membership is fostering linkages between Australian and Japanese researchers and industry participants.
For more information click JCOAL

Lignite Energy Council
BCIA's partnership with Lignite Energy Council is helping to explore and exchange research and development information that can help reduce emissions and increase efficiencies of coal conversion facilities that use lignite.
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