J C Steele and Sons Australia LLC

Based in the outer eastern Melbourne suburb of Bayswater,
J C Steele Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of J C Steele and Sons Inc. a family owned and operated company now in its fourth generation, celebrating 124 years of operation.

The J C Steele group has a network of companies throughout the world including J C Steele (head office) in North Carolina USA, Händle GMBh in Germany, J C Steele Asia in China, and Direxa Engineering in Colorado USA as well as J C Steele Australia with offices in both Melbourne and Perth.

After 40 years in Australia as the leader in extrusion machines for the heavy clay industry, J C Steele has a strong track record of building equipment that can perform in the harshest of environments with low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

In recent years, the company has been exploring other markets for which its equipment is suited. One of these markets is the brown coal industry.

JC Steele is currently working with several brown coal-related companies, both in our laboratory and on customer sites, with our range of mobile testing equipment to develop improved processes. Potential applications include coal pelletisation for transport (or even for use as a fertiliser), as well as agglomeration of waste streams.

The Company’s equipment is predominantly manufactured in its facility in North Carolina where J C Steele owns and operates a foundry and machine shop, as well as in Mühlacker Germany.

JC Steele specialises in the intelligent design, rugged construction and supply of quality equipment for the heavy clay industry and has vast experience in, extrusion, agglomeration, crushing, pelletising, of different materials. Its range of equipment includes materials handling, feeding, mixing, crushing, extrusion, drying and firing.

As a global company, J C Steele has many projects around the world that have successfully utilised its experience and equipment to produce extruded pellets. The materials are varied and include nickel, metals fines, contaminated soils, coal, brown coal and many other material types.

Left: JC Steele Australia recommended the Steele 25 Series Extruder for a pilot plant in Bacchus Marsh, assessing the viability of their process for converting lignite to a Black Coal Equivalent (BCE).

Left: Extruding 25mm diameter lignite pellets at the Bacchus Marsh pilot plant.

The Company is also involved in various waste management sites including council recycling depots, hazardous materials, green waste and bio solids. The focus is on agglomerating several waste streams and ensuring a uniform final product utilising a large range of full size equipment that is mobilised around the country.

Above: J C Steele 25 Pug Mill.

Over the past few years, JC Steele has have successfully extruded concrete panels, bentonite, waste paper, clay, kaolin, bag house dust/iron ore and light weight aggregate amongst others.

The Company’s fully staffed laboratory facility is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and undertakes initial testing of materials using a small scale extruder. This facility is available for hire and includes a qualified laboratory technician and full documented results.

Above: Bayswater laboratory

J C Steele is also developing a full scale containerised mobile test unit for demonstration and lease purposes, which is scheduled for completion by mid this year.

This mobile test unit will house a fully operational pelletising extrusion system. The unit will be fully self-contained including generators and conveyors for transport to any suitable site within Australia.

For more information, visit www.jcsteele.com.au
or contact +61 (0)3 9720 4235.

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