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What’s News at BCIA?
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Planning is well advanced for delivery of a BCIA technology commercialisation workshop. The workshop is targeted at early-career researchers and is aimed at assisting participants to understand the steps needed to take technology through to commercial adoption and how to communicate research ideas to a non-technical audience. This workshop will be held on the 14th of March in Melbourne (see page 8 for details).

BCIA has also recently called for expressions of interest in attending two one-day short courses; coal drying and advanced gasification. There appears to be sufficient stakeholder interest to make the courses – which will to be run as part of the BCIA research seminar program – a worthwhile proposition. See
page 8 for more details, and look out for the announcement of dates for these events.


BCIA Research Investment Manager, Dr David McManus, attended the Commonwealth government supported 6th Australia-China joint coordination group on clean coal technology (JCG) meeting on 6 December 2012 in Hangzhou, China.

Dr McManus was also invited to give a presentation on the BCIA-funded research project, Direct Injection Coal engine (DICE), at the ATSI/CERI workshop held in Hangzhou that same week. Dr McManus also took the opportunity to visit Shanghai, to tour the pilot facility for BCIA’s oxy-fuel project and meet with executives from Shanghai Boiler Works.

In September last year, BCIA Chief Executive Officer Dr Gurney visited China and Japan to further international cooperation on brown coal R&D. In China, he presented at a workshop involving local R&D and industry participants at Tsinghua University, one of China’s premier research Universities.

Dr Gurney also visited a number of research institutes in Beijing and the Datung brown coal-to-fertiliser project in Inner Mongolia, as well as presenting at the Victorian Department of Primary Industry’s (DPI) ALDP workshop in Beijing.

In Japan, Dr Gurney attended JCOAL’s Clean Coal Day (BCIA is JCOAL’s only international member) and presented at DPI’s ALDP workshop in Tokyo. Dr Gurney also met with the president of JCOAL, Toru Namiki, during his trip to Melbourne in December last year.

One outcome of the visit with Tsinghua University is that Monash University and Tsinghua University have organised a workshop, to be held in March 2013, to seek to identify new brown coal R&D opportunities. BCIA has agreed to sponsor the workshop with additional financial support to be provided through a fund established by the Federal department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

BCIA has also been active in encouraging participation by local research institutes in European linkage activities – both

CSIRO and Monash University have submitted proposals as part of an EU funding call. Should these proposals be accepted, it is likely that the research teams will seek further funding to progress these activities in Australia.


In mid-October, a guidance note on Freedom of Information (FOI) was prepared and issued to all BCIA funding recipients; PhD Research Students and Supervisors and other project research contacts.

The objective of the guidance note is to support and facilitate quality reporting of research outcomes to BCIA and, via our government funders, to the broader Australian public. Significantly, the guidance note detailed BCIA reporting and substantiation requirements if funding recipients believe research information should be subject to FOI disclosure exemption.

Other recent highlights included the production and distribution of the fourth edition of our electronic stakeholder newsletter, ‘Perspectives on Brown Coal’. Significantly, more than 35 per cent of stakeholders continue to access each newsletter edition compared with national e-news benchmarks of about 12 per cent.

A second printed edition of the newsletter was distributed to delegates at both the All-Energy Conference and the CCS Conference in Perth last year. The printed Spring-Summer edition was an amalgamation of new information and previously published significant articles including an overview of BCIA’s 2011 research funding round and our new membership benefits programs.

Through on-forwarding of the electronic newsletter and other data collection mechanisms, BCIA has increased its stakeholder database contacts by more than 40 per cent during the past quarter – the newsletter is now sent to nearly 1000 contacts.

BCIA is also achieving continuous improvement in the quality of our stakeholder data through the Company’s e-news automatic database management facility and the BCIA ‘update your contact details’ survey form; available from our website.

The e-newsletter continues to be a major driver of traffic to BCIA’s public website. During October/November 2012, the number of unique visitors to BCIA’s website increased by more than 35 per cent compared with the same two month period the previous year.

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