BCIA Membership

As a member-based company, BCIA undertakes a range of programs of interest to brown coal stakeholders including industry, research and education providers, governments and international coal technology organisations.

BCIA industry stakeholders encompass a broad range of sectors including coal-fired energy operators, original equipment manufacturers, coal license holders, companies involved in the conversion of brown coal to value-added products and services organisations operating in the brown coal sector.

Membership enables BCIA’s stakeholders to work with like-minded organisations to drive the future of the brown coal sector through active participation in our skills, networking and R&D programs.

On the next page, you can read about this edition's member in the spotlight, ANLEC R&D.

For more information about BCIA membership, visit the
membership section of our website.

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BCIA has updated our membership programs for 2012. Our current members include: