BCIA Short Courses

One day expert seminar/short course on gasification or coal drying

BCIA is currently organising the next event in our seminar series. We are looking for expressions of interest in attending the one day short courses highlighted below.


One potential future for Australian brown coal resources is as a chemical feedstock for a range of gas, liquid and fine chemical products, and a potential route to such products is through gasification.

We have been working with the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) based in North Dakota, a world leader in gasification research, to see if we can deliver a one-day short course on gasification technologies. The course would cover theory, commercial technologies, end products and cost analysis aspects.


A key to any future development of brown coal in Australia would be to ensure the energy efficient reduction of the moisture content of coal before use.

The coal drying seminar is envisioned as a one-day event bringing together experts to discuss the state of the art, together with a small 'expo' where companies working in this area can interact with course participants.

Each full day seminar would be held in Melbourne at a date to be set. At this stage, we are still seeking to identify if there is sufficient interest in attending either of these seminars before we proceed.

The seminar cost for non-members would be approximately $1200 plus GST. There would be no charge for BCIA members.

If you are interested in attending one of these short courses, please email your interest to BCIA Membership Support Manager, Kirstyn Krausz at
kirstyn.krausz@bcinnovation.com.au as soon as possible.

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