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Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap

During July, the Victorian Government released its long-term strategy to address the likely impacts of the new Commonwealth carbon tax; the Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap.

The roadmap is the Victorian Government’s response to locally developed advice for addressing the challenges facing the region’s economy.

It includes early actions and intervention to create employment and stimulate new investment ahead of major restructuring of the power generation sector and the full impacts of a national price on carbon emissions.

Following 14 months of extensive research and engagement, a final report was provided to the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments in June this year.

The roadmap outlines a consolidated view on the key strategic directions and actions required to support the Latrobe Valley, manage the challenge of structural adjustment and reposition its economy for sustainable long-term growth as follows:

1. Transitioning business and workers – ensuring workers and businesses affected by the economic transition have employment and business opportunities.
2. Strengthening the workforce – ensuring education provision and local industry needs are better aligned, and participation in training and higher education increases are in line with future industry skills demands.
3. Infrastructure for growth – ensuring governments and industry plan and coordinate infrastructure to support industry growth and diversification.
4. Strengthening innovation and competitiveness - ensuring businesses are supported to increase their competitiveness and drive innovation.
5. Attracting and facilitating investment – ensuring existing businesses are helped to expand, and new businesses are encouraged to locate in the Latrobe Valley.
6. Enhancing liveability – ensuring the Latrobe Valley maintains and enhances its reputation as a liveable community.
7. Working together – next steps – ensuring governments, business, unions and other regional stakeholders work cooperatively to diversify and grow the region’s economy.

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The roadmap will lead future development in the Latrobe Valley, providing immediate and coordinated actions and leveraging Commonwealth Government assistance and funding opportunities.

To download the Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap, visit
www.rdv.vic.gov.au or, for more information, contact Regional Development Victoria on +61 (0)3 9452 5262.

SOURCE: Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap, Regional Development Victoria, 2012.

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