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Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program EOI

Earlier thismonth, the Australian and Victorian Governments announced the jointly-funded $90million Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program (ALDP) program which will support the development and deployment of advanced low-emissions technologies forbrown coal (lignite).

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is administering the fund on behalf of both governments. DPI is nowseeking proposals from parties interested in developing pre-commercial demonstration scale, coal upgrading processes for brown coal (lignite) with Expressions of Interests (EOI) closing on 19 November.

The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments will each contribute $45 million for the development and rollout of advanced brown coal technologies including drying for export, conversion into fuels and fertilisers and reducing emissions from coal-fired electricity generation.

Pre-commercial demonstration refers to the demonstration of a process, or integration or adaption of a process utilising Victorian brown coal (lignite).

Projects must be of sufficient size and involve demonstrable technology risk, to provide process and performance guarantees on successful completion of the pre-commercial demonstration plant.

Upon completion of the technology demonstration, it is envisaged that a commercial facility will be able to be financed and constructed.

The main focus of the ALDP is fit-for-purpose 'coal upgrading' processes for lignite (including materials handling). It is a requirement that proposals identify the product stream which is being targeted and present a plausible pathway to market.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step of the two stage tender process. EOIs will be assessed by an Independent Assessment Panel. Short-listed EOI’s will be requested to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Technologies most relevant and applicable to Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, and meeting the program’s definition and

objectives, will be eligible for the program regardless of whether they have been developed in Victoria, elsewhere in Australia or overseas. Projects must be constructed in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

It is anticipated that projects will have a life of four years, with funding available for projects to commence before 30 June 2014.

EOI for grants will close 19 November 2012.

Full details of the program, including the Expression of Interest document can be found at www.dpi.vic.gov.au/ALDP

For additional information on ALDP, contact DPI Manager Pre-commercial Demonstration Programs, Energy Technology Innovation Division, Brian Davey, on +61 (0)409 332 995 or email dpi.etis@dpi.vic.gov.au.

SOURCE: Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program, Department of Primary Industries, August 2012.

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