Recent BCIA Research Seminar

As part of Brown Coal Innovation Australia’s seminar series, research project updates from BCIA, the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), HRL Technology and HRL Developments were provided at a seminar in July.

The seminar was addressed by BCIA Research Investment Manager, Dr David McManus; CO2CRC Chief Technologist, Mr Barry Hooper; HRL Technology General Manager, Dr Fedir Woskoboenko and HRL Developments Business Development Engineer, Dr Emi Ikeda.

BCIA’s first funding round was announced in August 2010 and included investments into six projects to extend activities that were initially funded under the Victorian Department of Primary Industries’ Energy Technology Innovation Strategy (ETIS) program. With all projects now complete, Dr McManus provided a review of the activities and highlights of the successful outcomes achieved with the assistance of BCIA funding.

The ETIS extension projects include ‘Advanced Brown Coal Gasification’ led by Monash University; ‘Advanced Materials Assessment’ led by HRL Technology; ‘Oxy-fuel Combustion of Brown Coal’ led by Monash University; ‘Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture’ led by CO2CRC and ‘Latrobe Valley Post-Combustion Capture’ which incorporated two parallel projects, one led by CSIRO and the other by CO2CRC.

Mr Hooper also presented on the new BCIA funded project ‘Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Technologies for Brown Coal Power Generation' and 'Advances for Lower Cost Carbon Capture’.

Following on from Dr McManus' presentation, Mr Hooper discussed the contribution the earlier ETIS/BCIA projects had made to the development of CO2CRC capture technology and how those technologies were applicable to post and pre-combustion.

He also profiled technology improvements that significantly reduce capture costs for all CO2 sources and demonstrated how BCIA continues to contribute to the development of relevant brown coal technologies.

CO2CRC is actively progressing a new approach to solvent capture with the ‘UNO MK3’ technology which represents a potential alternative to current amine solvents in the near term.

Dr Woskoboenko and Dr Ikeda provided presentations on HRL’s BCIA-funded syngas projects. Dr Woskoboenko presented on the project ‘Next Generation Lower Emissions Gasification Systems R&D for Power and Products’, setting the scene with a global status for energy and value-added products and a brief overview of the HRL Integrated Drying Gasification (IDG) process.

Dr Ikeda closed the BCIA research seminar with an update on HRL Developments' ‘Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain from Brown Coal’ project , recently completed in conjunction with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The seminar was well attended with more than 40 people in attendance.

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ABOVE: Barry Hooper talks about pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture technologies for brown coal power generation.

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