Low-Rank Coal Drying: Can it Bridge the Gap?
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By Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT)


• Export to the thermal coal market

• Feedstock for coal-to-liquid (CTL) and coal-to-gas (CTG) processes, since the process retains the volatile matter that lends itself to coal conversion processes

• Downstream chemical processes

The Coldry process has been tested successfully on a wide range of low rank coal samples from Australia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Greece and Poland.

Low rank coal drying could just help us bridge the gap between the current CO2 intensive generation model and the promise of zero-carbon in generations to come.

ABOVE: ECT’s Coldry Pilot Plant has successfully proved the concept of brown coal densification and developed a cost-effective drying process. Raw coal with 60% moisture and 2000 kCal/kg is upgraded to around 5700 kCal/kg and 12% moisture.


The key to MATMOR’s potential lies in its ability to decouple iron production from the high demand and prices of metallurgical coal and high grade iron ore by using low rank coal and unconventional iron oxide sources such as millscale and nickel tailings.

The liquid iron produced is comparable to a high quality pig iron billet suitable for use in secondary steel processes.

MATMOR has been developed to test plant scale and ECT is looking to partner with interested industry participants to advance development to pilot scale and then commercial deployment.

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